Friday, February 22, 2008

Why are all the cute ones so much?

I recently decided that I need to buy a new purse. I broke my personal record and have carried my current purse for 14 months. Its a great quality purse so its no wonder I haven't wanted to switch it up or even look for another, but I think its time for a change.

So, I went to my favorite website to get advice from my trusty Kaboodle companions. They all have so much great stuff on their lists, the thing is they all cost a gazillion dollars. Unfortunately, I'm a girl on a budget. I wish that wasn't true, but thats my reality. I'm terribly sorry, but I simply cannot justify dropping a months salary on a bag, no matter how stunning or beautiful or trendy it is.

So how can I find a great quality bag that I'll fall in love with and not spend so much money? I don't want to HAVE to carry my next purse for 14 months just to justify the cost of it.

So Kaboodle friends save me again!
I found a great website thanks to a friend on there.
I narrowed it down to six, but I really can't buy them all. So I created two polls. Help me narrow down the style and color!


Kristi7 said...

Holy crap is that black patent bag GORGEOUS! That one probably falls in to the gazillion dollars camp, right? *sigh*

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Unfortunately, you are correct Kristi...