Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nine West

Yesterday, I mentioned some issues I had with my recent order from Nine West.

Today, I was contacted via email by the Vice President for marketing of Nine West regarding my order. After getting a bit of information from me, she let me know that she would look into why I wasn't notified of either the back order status of the one pair or the shipment of the other pair that I ordered.

Next thing I know, I get a call from a representative of their company. She explained to me how their back order process generally works and their new system that allows them to ship merchandise from any of their stores rather than just from their website inventory.

It is also their policy that emails are sent out to notify of items being on back order as well as when the items are shipped. The email I received at the time of purchase does state "You will be contacted by e-mail when your order leaves our distribution center. At that time you will be provided with a UPS tracking number if you selected UPS Ground, UPS Express or UPS Next Day Business delivery."

The fact that I did not receive those emails is some sort of a fluke. The representative offered to waive all shipping charges, but I had already had a coupon code for free shipping so she offered a discount on my next purchase instead.

Shortly after that, I received another call informing me that they had located the pair that was on back order, that they would ship tomorrow at the latest and I should be receiving them within 5 business days. As stated yesterday, I did receive the first pair yesterday, on the third business day following my order. I love the shoes, like I've said, Nine West has great product.

As challenged, Nine West stepped up and has completely changed my opinion on their customer service. They went above and beyond to make sure that I, as a customer, was completely satisfied.

And I am.


Ronnica said...

The power of a blog...

I got interviewed for a Washington Post a few months ago because of dream I had about Barack Obama. To think, before blogging, I would never have become famous! (Okay, so I'm still not famous, but I'm okay with that!)

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Very true! I think I need to hear about this dream. Care to share the link?

Ida said...

Good thing you are eventually getting the shoes. Had a similar unpleasant experience with VS a month ago. I hate "backordering". As if there was such a term *lol*

Thank you for always leaving me adorable comments. Care to trade links?

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes..isn't that what Heidi had on last night on Project Runway?

cool blog.

Anonymous said...

good to know! i've recently been very pleased with their shoes so it's nice to know that their customer service is top-notch!

Brandy A. Brown said...

Woohoo, go Nine West!!

WheresMyAngels said...

I love that bottom pair. Like the top pair also, but really like the bottom pair. But I typically only buy Born shoes. Just cause they feel as good as they look.