Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Child Style

Sometimes I wonder if things I wore in my childhood affect my sense of fashion now as an adult. I distinctly remember a few key pieces of clothing that I adored when I was growing up.

I remember on the first day of Kindergarten, my parents bought me this pastel floral skirt to wear on my first day. I recall feeling so pretty and special in that skirt and I loved to wear it.

One of my favorite outfits as a child was this white cotton jersey-like skirt, cut in a-line that fell a little bit above my knees. It came with a thick, black patent belt. Alone I loved to wear that skirt and belt, but my favorite things to wear with them was a button-up shirt with gold and white vertical stripes on it with my white Keds.

In second grade, had this maroon colored corduroy skirt with silver buttons up the front. I adored that skirt. I think I usually wore it with a floral body-suit. That's right, a body-suit.

My third grade class picture shows me proudly wearing a gigantic cream colored bow right on top of my head, flopping down on both sides. I loved to wear bows in my hair oh so much.

My favorite dress growing up was a long cream colored dress with mauve flowers on it and dark green leaves. It buttoned up the front and had a little collar. My absolute favorite thing about that dress though was the open-back.

Seeing any themes?
I was a girly-girl to the very core. Skirts, dresses, florals, bows, the works.
If any of those items were still in my possession and they still fit me, I would probably wear them.

I think it's pretty obvious that at least that much hasn't changed as far as things that I like to wear, you can see it in my abundance of skirt and dress outfits. I was always a very matchy-matchy person. You'll usually find if I wear a color, I'll usually have matching accessories. That's just the way that I do it. I love me some clean white sneakers. I don't wear sneakers a lot these days, but when I do, I'm drawn to plain white sneakers. I don't know why, but the clean white just appeals to me. I can guarantee that my obsession with tops and dresses that have open backs started with that dress. In general, I love skirts and dresses over anything else.

What were your favorite things to wear growing up and how do you think they've affected your style as an adult?


Marrdy said...

Yes, you seemed to have always been a girly girl!! I have seen some of those pictures and you were (and still are) a cute little thing with style galore!

Brandy A. Brown said...

I think for me it had less to do with what I wore as a child and has had a lot more to do with learning to really love my body... and also learning how to dress my body! I look best in dresses and skirts, and I like to look good because it makes me feel good. As a child...I wore what we had. I didn't have lots of things and didn't attach to clothes that much because of it. There's a great blog that encapsulates my philosophy: http://averagegoddess.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/yes-you-deserve-to-look-good/

I however am very matchy matchy as well! I don't know if that's because I'm a bit Type A... or what that means... :)

simimoon said...

i totally agree, i think your childhood faves influence your style now. when i was little, i refused to wear pants, i only wore skirts. i think it stuck with me. ha



Good call, I love Sam Sparro. :)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I remember childhood clothes so well! My mother would make me dresses and I could pick out the fabrics, she would also sew lace on my socks. I had one dress (my favorite) a handmedown from sisters and it had pockets with little yarn people sewed in them, their heads peeked out above the pocket...I rebelled for awhile and only wore jeans, I know love skirts again but very girly looks sort of contrast my personality...

Angela said...

i love ruffles and pink as a child and that has not changed at all. : )

Lump said...

I totally think one's child style affects one's fashion later. I hated flowers, lace and really girly things as a child...AND I still do! It's extremely hard for me to try on a dress. But I love me some heels! with jeans, of course. :)

WheresMyAngels said...

I'm so frustrated. On my blog roll it says you haven't posted for two weeks but because it also has STUCK for someone else's blog, I thought I would check. And here you are posting. So I have been missing my outfit fix.

Have you changed a setting on your blog that would affect the updating with recent feeds?

Ida said...

Adiel, what an adorable post! A good memory you've got, I must say:)) I don't think I'd remember my childhood outfits that well even I tried. All I know is that I am as well a matchy-matchy person to the core. And I WAS taught as a kid to be like this *lol*

Have a great day!

P.S. Nope, nowhere except for my blog. I have been thinking of posting the pictures in a photo site or something but don't seem to find the time.

Unknown said...

My mom used to love dressing me up in sailor stuff! Coincidence; I think not.

I also did a lot of the whole oversized 80s slouchy clothes and I still harbor an undying love for legwarmers. I don't care how outre they become.

Anonymous said...

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