Friday, August 8, 2008

The Lash Stash - Review

I've now had a chance to try out every mascara in The Lash Stash I got last week. Each day, these are the notes I took on what I liked and didn't like.

Benefit A Little Bit BADgal
- I didn't love the brush. It clumped up my lashes so I had to put my Tweezerman lash comb to use. Once I combed it out and applied a few layers, it looked satisfactory to me. Late into the night, I noticed a bit of smudging under my eyes. This is something I've gotten used to not having when using the Imju Fiberwig mascara.

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara - It went on fairly easily with little combing to get the desired look. I thought it was a cool concept to not have to use eye makeup remover to take it off. I was satisfied.

LORAC Publicity Stunt Lashes - Went on easy, but my lashes seem shorter than I'm used to.

Smashbox Bionic Mascara - It went on pretty well, no complaints. Again, shorter looking lashes than I'm used to.

Stila Multi-Effect Mascara - I loved the curved brush on this one, but the end of it was kind of goopy. It made it difficult to coat the outer lashes without making them clump. The clumps are easily removed though.

Sephora Brand Lash Plumper - I quite liked the brush for this mascara. I think it worked very well, no clumps and it coated the lashes nicely. I didn't even pull out my comb. The look didn't last however, by midday the mascara had mostly come off and I had black under my eyes.

Too Faced Lash Injection in Black - This is easily my favorite of the 7. I love the brush and it went on well, no clumps.
All in all I think this kit was good. I may not have fallen in love with them all, but I still think that they are all decent products. Like I said, the Too Faced was my favorite and I loved the way the Blinc mascara worked.

I would recommend this kit to anyone that wears mascara. I think there is something for everyone in it. Anyone that has tried it, I'd love to hear what you thought about it.



Ashleigh said...

Too Faced Lash Injection in Black--yesssss I use this one- it has an awesome brush! Cute mini set...I don't know if thats available in Canada...hmmm....

ROBOTS said...

love effect mascara. is the base to make up.

erin de la cruz said...

Oh! I haven't tried putting mascara on. =) Visiting your blog will be my daily ritual. =) Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

i love wearing mascara! its about the only make-up i tolerate sometimes. thanks for the reccomendation!


I used to hate it too, the slob effect. But I have recently found if it's slouchy, but tailored to fit your correctly, it's more casual-chic than just casual. Thank you for that comment, love. xx

Nicole Linette said...

OHHH fabulous post, haha such a great reference guide :) that's so cool that you bought the kit, I recieve offers from Sephora all the time but my cash usually goes towards clothing first haha..

A few weeks ago this woman at Ulta was recommending the Too Face Lash Injection to me, saying it comes off in tubes and has good staying-power. I'm glad to hear that it really is that great (I can't trust retail people totally haha)! Ugh, and I hate smudging under the eyes.

Thanks for reading my blog, & I still think that Richard Chai thing is awesome :)


yiqin; said...

I just use loreal mascara! Benefit is too expensive for me :/

Pj.steph said...

I want to try these mascaras. Well, the Too Faced and Blinc. I currently have to use three different ghetto mascaras to get close to the effect that I want. would you say Too Faced is better or not quite as good as the Imju Fiberwig mascara?

Lynsie said...

Thanks for the reviews! I need good mascara because my eyelashes are so short. I'll have to give some of these a try!