Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lacking Inspiration

I was noticing that I haven't posted outfit photos in quite some time. It's not that I haven't really put thought into outfits and it's not that I haven't taken pictures. It's sort of just that my lack of inspiration is totally coming through in my outfits and photos.

Lacking Inspiration

...and apparently I like to look to the left.


Anonymous said...

I like the coat, and I totally dig the shiny leggings and the black leather jacket! NICE!


Alicia said...

I love that jacket...Where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

I love your coat! I've been looking everywhere for a good houndstooth jacket!

Anonymous said...

aww what a pretty outfit, its fabulous i love it!, i just created a blog myself, if you have any tips let me know!

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Marrdy said...

I do love that coat!!

Dana (MODAna) said...

I look to the right! it's more flattering (in my case)
love the coat
so want one like that

INES said...

you look amazing
love that look with the leggings and jacket

she planted a tree said...

i'm really starting to like leather jackets. this one is pulled off well!

holly said...

i love the liquid leggings!
great blog name, im guilty of doing it.