Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Across the Universe

It's the next chapter in my Deborah Lippmann love affair: Across the Universe. I simply adore this sparkly blue and green combo! What's even better about this particular shade is that if you upload a photo of yourself wearing it to lippmanncollection.com, they will make a donation to a charity called Discover the Journey.

deborah lippmann across the universe

Glitter Polish Tip
I noticed that with glitter polish, the application process is a bit different that non-glitter polish. I don't really swipe the brush across my nail as much as I use the brush to place the polish on my nail and space out the glitter before it dries. This will make it so that you end up with more glitter on the nail with fewer coats of polish.

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Jenée said...

I'm loving this color! Thanks for the helpful tip!!(: