Friday, April 29, 2011

Footwear Friday - Nude Platform Pumps FTW


I have already gotten a LOT of mileage of my Jessica Simpson Francesca pumps that I purchased about two weeks ago. That doesn’t surprise me—I generally tend to over-wear new things.  What does surprise me is just how much attention these shoes get when out and about! One night, I was stopped while walking down Murphy Street in Sunnyvale by a complete stranger who wanted to compliment my shoes and find out if they were the Steve Madden’s.



This sort of thing happens all the time. Like just last night, I was at a Community Manager meet up in San Francisco. I usually try to tone down my outfits for these sorts of events because my normal outfits would stand out far too much.  But this outfit still stood out, particularly my shoes. From the moment I walked in, people were making comments. After the panel, many of the people I chatted with commented on my shoes. The best part was when one gal came up to comment on my shoes and ask what brand they were. I told her, “Jessica Simpson, but they always get mistaken for… “ And at the same time we both said, “…the Steve Madden ones!”

After that, I really had to check out the Steve Madden shoes and see for myself just how similar they are.
Turns out, they’re nearly identical. So the question is can you tell which pair is by Steve Madden and which is by Jessica Simpson?


Black blazer - F21 | Neon yellow t-shirt - Target | Neon yellow belt - H&M
Dark skinny jeans - Gap | Nude platform pumps - Jessica Simpson (or are they?)
Black and white stripe sunglasses - Shop in Haight Ashbury | Oval ring - F21
Assorted bracelets - Target & Claire's | Brass locket - Sway Boutique

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Amber said...

I can tell the difference! The one with the seam on the front are the Madden's. I know because I owned a pair briefly, and I own the cheaper version called Miami available at DSW. I found the true Madden's to be too stiff and upturned at the toe vs the cheaper synthetic version :) Anyway, great outfit, glad you are loving the shoes.

sean said...

Dang, I thought I was going to be so smart because I saw the seam in the toe. But I've been beat to it.

Unknown said...

The shoes are so pretty and the nude tone makes them go with almost everything . They are such a great choice :)

Stiene Saenen said...

I love the blazer and the heels! x

Unknown said...

Haha, I love that you're the odd woman out among community managers. Stay that way. Also, you look great.

Katie | said...

LOVE THESE! I actually like the Jessica Simpson pair a lot more than the SM! The color is prettier.

Love that you paired them with a neon shirt. You look great!

Unknown said...

Great outfit on you - love it. And dang girl I love your shoes are they Steve Maddens? hehe

Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty