Monday, June 11, 2012

Julep Maven's June "It Girl" Box

My June Julep Maven box arrived last week and I was so excited to open in because I chose the It Girl box due to it's awesome colors! The colors inside are Sandra, a slightly shimmery magenta polish, Morgan, a gorgeous grape hue, and Sasha, a creamy cantaloupe lacquer.

But the awesome didn't end there! They also included a chapstick that tastes like nonpareil mints, Pixy Stix, and a cute little note card that reads:
Consider this your permission to BE BOLD. "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." -Katherine Hepburn
I think it was that quote that inspired me to abandon the rule book and use all three colors to give myself a skittle manicure (a term I first heard over at Gotham Polish)!

All three of the colors are absolutely gorgeous and the formula is spot on!

But of course I can never leave well enough alone. Later in the day I used my new Konad m57 plate to stamp a design that I have seen all over the web. (Side note: I'd love to credit the owner of these digits, but due to the nature of sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, the original source seems to have been lost. If you know the owner, please let me know!)

Are you a Julep Maven? I'd love to hear about the colors you got this month!

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Jessica Broyles said...

So pretty!! I just LOVE Those colors - especially "sandra"!

The Sasha said...

I love this box, and not just because it contains an awesome nail polish color with my name. (Although I may have to order that). I love Katherine Hepburn, and how the colors combine. I'm so glad you used them all in one manicure--it looks great!

Adiel said...

You should totally get the Sasha polish! I wonder if they would ever name a polish after me? ;)

Adiel said...

Thanks, Jessica!

Gotham Polish said...

These colors are SO fantastic together! Thanks for the shout out :)