Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Floral Flare

I can't believe how long it has been since I have been able to post! I had no idea how much of my time the final weeks of wedding planning would consume! After an incredibly exciting August, I'm back with an outfit photographed at the beginning of the month!

About this look...
I'm super hot on the peplum cut despite the fact that it has been suggested curvier ladies shouldn't try to don the trend (I've even had some anonymous nasty comments about it! *Shrug*). When I spotted this white peplum top on the clearance rack at Zara, I simply couldn't pass it up.

I decided to rock my white-hot new top with a few other of my favorites from earlier in the month; dark floral print skinny jeans and yellow cap toe pumps! To accessorize, I grabbed my trusty Rebecca Minkoff Overnight clutch and a necklace that has been sitting in the jewelry archives for way too long.

"Crazy Tort" sunglasses - Karen Walker | White peplum top - Zara | Metal disc necklace - Forever 21 | Rose gold watch - Michael Kors | Large mixed metal bangle - Kora | skinny mixed metal bangle - Target | Rhinestone bracelet - Charlotte Russe | Blue "Overnight" clutch - Rebecca Minkoff | Floral skinny jeans - Fire Los Angeles | Yellow cap toe pumps - Zara 

Thought of the day...
What risky trend have you been curious to try?

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Amanda Weiss said...

Welcome back to blogging babes! And you look fab in peplum and totally rock it! Me, on the other hand...not so much. As much as I love it on everyone I just can't rock it! sad face.

Love the pants too and of couuuurse those shoes-drool!

<3 Amanda

Santina said...

Yayayayayayayayayay! I'm so happy to see you again, my friend!

I pay little attention to advice on what looks good on certain body types. And, I'm happy to see you do the same. I think peplum looks gorgeous on you! Totally plays up your curves!

Megan Diaz said...

Yayyy! Welcome back Adiel! You look gorgeous and FAB in a peplum!

Stephanie Cloud said...

♫Don't you worry your pretty little mind. People throw rocks at things that shine♫

Cacy said...

Great outfit!
Love the shoes!


Tomris (dejafashion) said...

I'm glad you ignore the haters because you look fab!
Wedding planning is definitely draining (exciting, but stressful). Glad you are back!

x x

Manners and Moxie said...

I think you look great in the peplum and I'm glad you didn't listen. Life isn't as fun it you color inside the lines ALL the time right?! The printed pants a right on trend and they look great with the pop of yellow. I'm curious about the dark lip trend for Fall. I've always shied away from it... We'll see if that continues ;)