Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something to Sparkle About

My life has had many changes in the last couple month. One month ago today, I got married. I started a new job shortly after that. And about a week ago, I moved into a new place. It has been a crazy, fun whirlwind that I can barely keep up (hello no sleep!).

But unfortunately, not all of this past month has been fun and games. I've been dealing with the bitter souls who are feeling slighted by my sparkling storm of positivity. I've had threats and harassment coming out of some of the most unlikely places and as a rule-following, do-gooder, it has been incredibly hard to handle. It's hard to watch people whom you once looked up to, evolve into an unrecognizable shell of the person you formerly knew. But apparently, I'm "young," and don't know that this is how life goes.

Lesson learned.

To combat the negative forces trying to be a part of my life, I decided to pull out my glittery wedding day pumps and my sparkly gold tote to add a bit of happiness to my day. Walking in these shoes reminded me of my wedding day and my loving husband, family, and friends that are always there for me. These are the people who know the real me and know what I'm capable of--theirs are the only opinions that hold water with me.

Black brown"Aly" sunglasses - House of Harlow | Wooden necklace - Spring Street via Little Black Bag | Navy pocket tee - Old Navy | Leopard shorts - W118 by Walter Baker | Rose gold watch - Michael Kors | Curb chain bangles - F21 | Gold & tan framed tote - Olivia + Joy | Pointed navy glitter pumps - The Limited 

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Thanks for all of the lovely people who add sparkle to my life. I appreciate it each and every day!

And as those pop stars like to say, "Thanks for making me a fighter," "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger," and "I'm stronger than yesterday."

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Amanda Weiss said...

You should never let anyone dull your shine...especially when in those shoes- hellooo fabulousness! You look gorgeous!

<3 Amanda


Tomris (dejafashion) said...

Love the shorts! I'm so glad you broke out the shiny pieces. Don't ever let anyone get in the way of your shine! You are beautiful inside and out!

x x

Santina said...

OMG, who are these people? I have cement shoes for each and every one of them. Just send me a list.

I am obsessed with those sparkly shoes! As I told you at the SEE party, you look so happy and beautiful. Haters gonna hate, honey!

Manners and Moxie said...

You look lovely and sparkly and I'm glad you keep up your positive attitude. You can only be yourself. In my opinion having a conversation is the best thing to try but if that's not working sometimes you have to move on. I admire your positive attitude because it's the hardest thing to do if you're hurting inside. Congrats on all the wonderful life happenings!


House Of Jeffers said...

Adiel! I'm so sorry to hear that you've been dealing with something like this. But knowing you, you'll weather the storm - stay positive and keep being you. I love you for it.



Wendy Brown said...

Love. Love you, love this post, LOVE those shoes, and give me that purse. :)

kate franco said...

haters to the left, gf. love the whole look!

libiandlola said...

Great post babe! I def understand negativity out of places you would never expect, it sucks. Keep your head high and be you, cause as long as you are you, no one can bring you down :-) xo ps you look beautiful, but that's the norm.

Gotham Polish said...

It breaks my heart to hear you've been dealing with this. You don't deserve it - no one does! It's easy to say "just ignore it", because in reality I'm sure it's not easy. We should be using the internet to build each other up, not to bring each other down.
I find it hard to believe anyone would have anything bad to say to/about you :) Keep smiling, Adiel!