Friday, January 25, 2013

Can't Stop Thinking About...

Happy Friday, IBITTM friend! We've made it through the week and, for me at least, it was a good one!   Here a few rad things I came across this weekend!

Delicious afternoon snack! #gelato #foodonastick #yum #instagood

This gelato bar. Wow. Delish

Santina never fails to wow with her DIY manicures. Peep this pretty blue on blue ruffian mani she whipped up over on Style by Santina!

Want to see winter whites done right? Elizabeth of A Keene Sense of Style shows us all a thing or two with a stunning white jacket.

Admittedly, I don't have a bit of texture to my hair so I'm kind of a curly-girl wannabe. Needless to say, I was totally drawn to Kate of Undeniable Style's round-up of products for gals with curly locks and even just ladies seeking healthy hair!

Karla was one of the first bloggers I ever followed back when I first started IBITTM and her style still inspires me, such as this recent outfit featuring a gorgeous green leather pencil skirt.

Given my sizable nail polish collection, I don't really impulsively buy nail polish these days. But when I saw Sephora X Chaotic on Amy's nails over on Gotham Polish, I immediately had to order a bottle for myself.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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Wendy Brown said...

Thanks for the referrals, especially to Kate's post on curly hair products. The humidity here has forced me to embrace my waves, and I'm always looking for new products to try. Also, I'm in love with the Sephora X Chaotic polish. I'm trying to branch out with my nails, and I can't stop thinking about this. You're so good at making me spend money :)

kate franco said...

Aw thanks for the shout out lady! Trying to branch out, so glad that you liked :)

Anonymous said...

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Adiel said...

No prob! I bought and started taking those same pre-natals because of you. I had to war the hubby that I'm not pregnant nor planning to get pregnant, I just want healthier hair! ;)

Laura Boswell said...

That looks so good!!

Elizabeth Keene said...

Thanks so much for the mention lady! I love finding great new blogs to follow.



Anonymous said...

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