Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

Graphic print sweatshirts are everywhere these days whether it's an animal emblazoned across the front or a catchy little phrase. While there are many out there to love, I found myself wanting one that is unique and that no one else had. That's when I had the idea to just make my own!

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

Honestly, this project was incredibly easy. The hunt for the perfect sweatshirt that wasn't too thick, too thin, or have too small of a crew neck was the hardest. After perusing the interwebs and my local craft stores, I landed on this heather grey bella sweatshirt on Amazon. After that, the rest was a breeze.

Want to create your own personalized graphic phrase sweatshirt? Read on to find out how.

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

The Materials

  • A sweatshirt (I used a Bella Wide Neck Fleece)
  • Desired phrase/design
  • Fabric spray paint (I used Tulip Fabric Spray Paint in white)
  • Stencils (I used Helvetica 2" lettering stencils)
  • Sponge brush
  • Cardboard box with one side at least as big as your design
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

Plan Your Layout

I recommend putting on the sweatshirt and looking in the mirror to envision where you'd like it to be positioned. Use pins to mark the desired positioning before you take off the sweatshirt. Use a measuring tape to find the center and use a pin to mark the center (as shown).

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

Prepare to Paint

Break down your box into two large, flat pieces. Slip one piece of cardboard inside the sweatshirt to protect the the sweatshirt from any paint that may bleed through. This is important; even with my lightly applied design, I had paint on the cardboard when I was done. The other, you can use as the space to spray paint onto your sponge brush.

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

Start Stenciling

Lay your stencil on the sweatshirt starting with the center of the word and use your sponge brush to apply the paint rather than spraying directly on the sweatshirt. Be sure to press the stencil down as firmly as possible to avoid bleeding paint under the edges.

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

Work your way out, letter by letter, until you're done.

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

If any of your letters have gaps from the stencil, you can fill them in by dipping the corner of the sponge brush in paint and carefully dabbing on the gap.

When applying the paint, do so in thin layers and build the opacity to your desired look. I went for a more distressed type of look and kept the paint somewhat thin. Allow to dry according to directions on paint bottle.

DIY Graphic Print Phrase Sweatshirt

Now Style It

You're all ready to go! Put it on and go snap some picks because I'm gonna want to see how yours turned out! Please share in the comments! And be sure to take a peek at how I styled mine! 

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CarlinaL said...

Aww, I love this- and you got the perfect sweater for it too!

xo Carlina


Amanda Weiss said...

OBSESSED. I love how it turned out so so so much!

Mira (Sarah) Park said...

Ohh, I love seeing these fun & easy DIY projects! What a great idea!

The Weekend Diary

Adiel said...

You should totally make one, Sarah! ;)

Adiel said...

I hope to see a Fashionablee Me one soon! ;)

Ali Cat said...

So so good, so perfect for you, and so easy!

jessica.jorgensen07 said...

So cute! I just love how you can be unique without being crazy and weird. Love it!

Adiel said...

Thanks, Jes! xo

Adiel said...

Thanks, Ali!

Adiel said...

You should totally make an Allergic to Vanilla version! ;)

Kelly Ly said...


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Kate said...


Adiel said...

Thanks so much, Kate!

Adiel said...

You are MY favorite! Can't wait to see what you do!

kate franco said...

Freaking love it!!!

Adiel said...

Thanks, Kate! :)

Tiffany M said...

LOVE THIS!!! I need to be more crafty because I seriously need a sweatshirt like this. So fun!

Adiel said...

You'd be surprised just how easy this was to do. Give it a try! ;)

Hannah said...

Cute, I really need to make one :)

Sarah Long said...

WAY into this! I give you one guess what mine will read. ;) Love you like a love song, baby.

Adiel said...

Get a sweatshirt and come on over, doll! I'll help ya! xo

Wendy Brown said...

This is too fun!

amanda tinsley said...

I am so into this. There is something so quintessentially american about a gray sweatshirt. Love it. amanda


Santina said...

O. M. G. That list from earlier? It was clearly missing "and making rad sweatshirts". ;) Seriously, is there anything you can't do? This is amazing. I want to make Ben a TKB sweatshirt. Hahahahaha,

Adiel said...

Yes! Please do! :)

Katie - FashionFrugality.com said...

Adiel, I LOVE this! I have been wanting a sweatshirt like this... but have been too cheap to shell out the cash, especially because I don't know how long I will love it, you know? I can't wait to scour the thrift store for the perfect sweatshirt to spice up! :)