Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

Wendy and Traci have gotten my quite addicted to So You Think You Can Dance this summer. I've always liked this show, just not really ever had time for it.
Now I've become obsessed.
My favorite is Katee despite the fact that she had a really bad attitude in Vegas.

Last night, my mom called right as Katee and Twitch were about to do their contemporary. Inwardly I fought with myself, I love talking to my mom and I miss her so much, but... but... Katee! Twitch! Contemporary!

Family won out.
I answered the phone.

We're talking, making plans for her birthday dinner, talking about her being in Portland, etc.

Meanwhile Twitch is dancing to one of my favorite Duffy songs with Amy Winehouse. Is making out really called dancing? Wow! I wish someone would kiss me like that.
But wait, no... Is that Amy? This girl is much healthier looking and much prettier. That's right, her name is Katee.

Torn between watching the dance and listening to my loving mother, my brain was pulling apart.

Again, family won out.
I shut my brain off to the dancing and focused on my mother.

I missed most of the dancing sadly, but luckily I was able to find it on YouTube.
For your viewing pleasure...

Good, right?


I've never really given much thought to what Pop'rs were before. I've seen the term around the internet, but didn't think too much of it. Yesterday I realized them for what they are: Awesome! I don't really have a problem eating fruits and vegetables, I love them! However, if you are struggling with getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet and with eating healthy, you really out to find out about Pop'rs too. They sound awesome! I've gotta try them too!


That's all for my random thoughts at the moment...
Carry on!


Alicia said...

I am addicted to SYTYCD also. I like Katee, but I want Chelsie to win it! She is amazing! Katee is good, but I can't get over her attitude (Like you said) in Vegas! Oh well, I just like to watch, I don't really care who will win, I just wanna watch!

Aunt Julie said...

We watch So You Think You Can Dance during the summer, but our fave is Dancing with the Stars. I've always been a big fan of Emmitt Smith, and The Gal loves Mario Lopez and Jason Taylor. In fact, I think she's gonna become a Redskins fan because JT was just traded to them! And thanks so much for your Super Comment Love and support of our effort to make Pop'rs more popular! Please drop by again soon to help Aunt Julie plan the rehearsal dinner.


This show is so fun. My Mother in Law and I watch it all of the time :) and then comment about it afterwards on the phone! :)

Ronnica said...

I love watching SYTYCD too. That was a pretty neat dance last night, if it really was dance. My favorites are Chelsie and Courtney.

Lump said...

OHMYGOODNESS. I LOVED IT. This was the first thing I posted in my blog when I woke up this morning! I'm addicted to this show.

Their performance was my favorite!

Anonymous said...

after much persuasion from some fellow co-workers, i checked out the show and i must say, i was really impressed! this was by far my favorite performance of the night, especially when she hangs from the door.

Dana (MODAna) said...

I've never watched this show so this was like japanese to me.

Ida said...

*lol* at Dana, as I have never watched it either. It usually features some US stars I have never heard of, so I guess that's why. But I am so hooked on Project Runway. What do Americans think of Heidi? I personally cannot get over her accent:))

Connie said...

We've been know to tune in more frequently than we should!
Thanks for dropping in my blog this week!

Anonymous said...

Our family LOVES this show! This particular dance was awesome!