Monday, May 14, 2012

Beat the Heat

It has been feeling more like summer than spring in my neighborhood lately.The heat paired with my air conditioner-free apartment has me seeking ways to stay cool.

Step 1: Wear shorts and a lightweight top!

Step 2: Go eat some frozen yogurt!

Done and done.

Tortoise "Number One" sunglasses - Karen Walker | Sheer floral top - Ark & Co. via Stitch Fix | Nude camisole - American Apparel | Red shorts - Gap | Pyramid stud bracelet - Blue Vanilla | Mint bracelet - H&M | Rose gold bracelet - H&M | Blue "Overnight" clutch - Rebecca Minkoff | Black "Javi" wedges - Sam Edelman

What is your favorite way to stay cool when it's hot outside?


Southern Styled Flair by Brandi said...

Such a cute outfit! I still love the nails!

Eli said...

Sheer is the way to go in the heat, wish we had that problem over here in SF :) but it does remind me of when I lived in Vegas during the summer. There was so respite from the heat, at least until night time when it was still 90 degrees and you could run around in your shorts and sandals and it was awesome!

Allergictovanilla said...

Be happy you get some sunshine over in the South Bay, it's cold as -ahem- hell here! ;)

x carlina

Tiffany M said...

You look so adorable in the frozen yogurt shoppe! The way I beat the heat-for work: sheer tops or skirts, not work: swim suits and I park my butt by the pool :)

Adiel said...

Yeah, I miss the heat of Utah summers. #homesick ;)

Adiel said...

In Utah I would go to the pool a few times a week during the summer, but they don't really have community pools here so I don't have that option anymore. It's sad!