Saturday, April 23, 2011

DIY Hand-Painted Neon Crystal Earrings

When I first set my eyes on these Ethno Teknik hand-painted Swarovski crystal earrings by Tom Binns, I knew I was going to have to figure out how to make these for myself, especially when I saw that $200 price tag. The wheels started turning and soon I had a plan. One visit to the craft store later and I was ready to go!

A few hours later, I had done it!

diy hand-painted crystal earrings

Want to make your own? I'll tell you how I did it! Feel free to change up the "recipe" to suit your own style.

Collect Your Materials
You will need the following for this project:
  • Rhinestone chain - I recommend buying silver/clear so you don't have to worry about color showing through the paint. Also, make sure the chain is long enough--I used 32 links.
  • Assorted rhinestones - You can choose your preferred shape and colors
  • Acrylic paint in colors of your choice - I used five different neon colors
  • A paint brush - If possible, use a brush that is about the same size as the rhinestones
  • A pair of earring posts and backs or clips - The pair this DIY is inspired by are actually clip-ons so you could easily go that route if you wanted.
  • Glue - I ended up using two kinds, super and hot
  • Metal snips

diy hand-painted crystal earrings

Now Get DIYing!
#1 Use the metal snips to cut four 8-link pieces.

#2 Use your paintbrush to paint the tops of each rhinestone. Allow the paint to dry according the the directions on the paint.

diy hand-painted crystal earrings

#3 While the paint is drying, you can use the super glue to attach your posts to the main rhinestone. Allow glue to dry before handling.

#4 Once everything is dry, you can start to assemble your pieces. Use a small dot of hot glue to attach the ends of one rhinestone chain to each side of your main rhinestone at the points shown below.

#5 Take the remaining chain and secure the ends to the 3 link down on each side, as shown below.

#6 When the glue is dry, you're good to go. Now add your new earrings to any outfit that needs a pop of spring color and go out to show off your handiwork! Congrats, you are one crafty lady who just saved about $180! Go you!

diy hand-painted crystal earrings

diy hand-painted crystal earrings

I really hope you'll try this out because there are a lot of ways to make this DIY project completely yours!  If you try it, show me and I'll mention you in a future post.

Happy DIYing!

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Katie | said...

Adiel! I AM IN LOVE!!!! These look AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Those are AMAZING. I love your version. I think I am going to do something like these, only over-the-top large.

Kristina said...

Awesome! You're so good at DIY jewelry.

Debs - said...

Not my style, but cute!

Anonymous said...

you brilliant, BRILLIANT girl! i saw these in the netaporter email and loved them too - until i saw that pricetag. i'm so inspired with your ambition to diy and the finished product!! love.

Chicca said...

WOW,they're lovely!!!Great post and amazing idea!!!

Amber said...

Great job! Plus, considering the neon style goes in and out of style, its great you didn't have to spend a small fortune to get this look. You're so creative! This reminded me how I used to make my own jewelry in middle school out of mismatched earrings.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's very creative! Love it! You're good! XX

Annette said...

What!! You're awesome! These came out great!


Fashionablecollections said...

This is another incredible DIY. Those earrings are STUNNING. Now following with bloglovin :) Your blog is great and you're so creative! 

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