Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lacy Triangle Accent Nails

To get this look, I painted all nails with a base of Sephora's Leotard Optional, an opaque mocha beige lacquer. On my pinkies and pointer fingers, I coated each nail with two layers of Love & Beauty's black nail polish.

For the lacy triangle accents on the other fingers, I used a bit of clear tape, taking care to remove most of the stickiness first (as shown in the video), and taping off a triangle at the tip of my first nail. Using the black nail polish, my stamping tools, and Bundle Monster plate #BM-214, I stamped a few layers of design onto the uncovered part of the nail. When removing the tape, what was left is a lacy-like triangle.

And once again, the finished product!

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wendeebee said...

The video is such a fun supplement to the written instructions!

Laura Boswell said...

Very cool! You always have the best ideas.

Mira (Sarah) Park said...

Ohh, I got my mom the stamping tool for your nails a while back, I think it's so cool how it works! I have yet to try it though since I've never been too good at keeping up with my nails haha!

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