Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Soft Spot for Shoulder Pads

About this look...
I've always had somewhat of a fascination with shoulder pads, even when they were distinctly out of style. I'm not sure where this came from, but if pressed, I'd probably guess it's because I've subconsciously aware of my narrow shoulders and incredibly poor posture. This combo causes the constant slip of bra straps and shoulder bags falling off. Wearing shoulder pads seems to help with the bag strap slippage as well as gives my sloppy shoulders a little boost in appearance.

All of those words to say when I spotted this super cute top with pointy shoulders on Tobi.com, I knew I had to have it.

[via tobi.com]

I was looking for a few other items so that I could get free shipping. That's why I spotted the jacket I'm rocking in this outfit post--more fabulous shoulder detail! When my order arrived, I was extremely disappointed to learn that Tobi had an "inventory discrepancy" with the top and I wasn't going to get it. It was the whole reason I even made the purchase and it would never be mine. Big sad face.

I tried to cheer myself up with the other goodies I scored, but one of the cute tops ripped at the seams the second I put it on. Such a bummer!

This story does have a more positive ending though! Check out the gorgeous jacket I got! I absolutely love the color, the cut, and the accentuated shoulders! If the weather wasn't so hot right now, I'd probably want to wear it every day!

Orange-red pointed shoulder blazer - Tobi (shop similar) | Silver "A" monogram necklace - Gifted (shop similar) | Peach camisole - H&M (shop similar) | White skinny ankle jeans - Levi's | Leopard print envelope clutch - ASOS (shop similar) | Rose gold watch - Michael Kors | Bracelets - J.Crew, F21, Charlotte Russe | Brass stud ring - Fallon via Tobi | Tortoise "Number One" sunglasses - Karen Walker | Clear heeled sandals - Zara | Lips - Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Flame | Nails - Julep in Daisy and Pams & Kin Karma Chameleon

Thought of the day...
How do you feel about shoulder pads? Do you wear them? Why or why not

P.S. See more shoulder pads here!

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Amanda Weiss said...

I LOVE this jacket on you! It is so sleek- love! And thats crazy because not only did my Tobi order have a inventory discrepancy but I had a top with a rip too..which I think I had told you before actually! :-)

Nonetheless you nailed this look! SO hot!! <3 <3 <3

Adiel said...

Thanks, lady!

You did tell me about the top with the rip. So I carefully inspected that top before I tried it on, but as soon as I did, the seams on the arms ripped. Same top and everything! I'm guessing it's just a problem with that top.

kate @ undeniable style said...

Hope you let them know about the top - I had a similar issue with a dress from shop sosie, and turns out it was a MFR defect. Once they got the new batch in, they mailed me a new one right away and I haven't had any problems with it!

Manners and Moxie said...

Peach, red and white... yes please!

Carlina said...

Oh I'm all about shoulder pads, there is something very elegant, and in charge about them! I love the jacket- obvi. You are looking skinny minnie, my dear- hot and gorgeous as usual!

x carlina

R Young said...

LOVE the leopard clutch! i love leopard evvvrything! i have a bunch of old blazer/sweaters that have shoulder pads. i don't mind shoulder pads, but i think nowadays they are much smaller and streamlined. bummer about your order...i hate when that happens! [oomph.] Win a FREE pair of glasses from Firmoo

Katie said...

TOBI ALLWAYYSS has "inventory discrepancies".... The first time I ordered clothes from them, I paid but they never shipped them, because of the three dresses i ordered they only actually had ONE IN STOCK! THEN I got a store credit, and I figured something like that would never happen again... I'm an idiot. I've been charged for my clothes and they didn't ship them. I placed the order weeks ago and it still says "processing" just like last time... and they didn't have the cute black shorts I ordered (the only reason I placed the order in the first place) and they're not responding to my emails.... Cute clothes but I'll never order from them again!!
Anyway, that clutch is amazing, maybe I should start shopping on Asos??

Tyler said...

I had the same problem with Tobi too :(