Thursday, June 14, 2012

Running Late but Just in Time

About this look...
Greetings from Utah, friend! Yesterday I landed in Salt Lake City for my last round of in-state planning before the big day. When flying, I normally wear jeans and a blazer or something similar when I fly. This time, it was way too hot to consider wearing jeans for this flight so I opted for a dress under a jacketwith a pair of sparkly flat sandals.

I was running just slightly behind schedule so I was rushing around and as I finally opened the door to walk out, the mail man walked up my steps with a big box in his hands. At first I wasn't quite sure what it would be, then I suddenly remembered my recent Poshmark purchase. It was a sign. If I had been out the door on time, I would have missed the shoes! So I slipped my sandals into my carry on and stepped into these beautiful pumps!

I needed a tote bag to protect my fluro pink satchel on the plane so I grabbed my trusty Tom Selleck tote and tucked my satchel inside.

Here are a few snaps I took while in the air!

I love how the land can look like a giant puzzle!

A beautiful lake from the air--perhaps Tahoe?

Clouds are super cool!

Tom Selleck goes to Utah!

This just looks so cool!

The Great Salt Lake!

Hello, Salt Lake City!

Tortoise "Number One" sunglasses - Karen Walker | Chalcedony earrings - c/o Tacori | Pale pink jacket - CAbi | Black dress - Theory | Silver initial necklace - Gifted | Ring - Shane Co. | Rose gold watch - Michael Kors | Yellow and silver cap toe pumps - Zara via Poshmark | Multicolored zig zag computer bag - Missoni for Target | Luggage - Kathy Van Zeeland | Tom Selleck tote - c/o Digital Style Digest | Fluro pink satchel (not pictured) - Cambridge Satchel Co.

Thought of the day...
What do you wear when you travel?

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Santina said...

You look so chic in these photos, Adiel! The private jet was waiting for you as you snapped outfit pics... ;)

Love, love, love those shoes! I saw them on Poshmark, but obvs they weren't my size. Happy they went to a good home!

Have a fun trip! I miss seeing your face!

Sarah Long said...

Oh, hi favorite Utahn! (I did just look up what to call a person from Utah.) But now you are a Californian with me and I love it. And you are #megachic. Oh, if I could count the ways I adore thee! Unfortunately, I wear even bigger shoes than Santina so I couldn't snag these beauties either, but they clearly belong on you, hot stuff! Your pictures from flight are great - I'm glad Selleck could accompany you. Xo

Manners and Moxie said...

You look beautiful girl! I wish all guests dressed like this when they travel... why not bring back a little of the glamour?! I say that with my industry experience and then watch me put on jeans for my next nonrev flight heh heh. You look great though!

Wendy Brown said...

A. I'm so jealous you're in Utah.
B. Those shoes are AMAZING
C. Tom Selleck tote? Fantastic.

mary said...

what do I wear when I travel? the bulkiest items in my luggage. Usually consisting of:
A. a parka/ coat
B. boots or my bulkiest pair of shoes
C. that one unwieldy piece that you must take simply because it looks fabulous and goes with everything

Jen said...

You look simply wonderful in these photos. And those shoes are out if this world!

Jen said...