Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Blahs

Once again its Friday. I should be excited at the prospect of the weekend and being able to sleep in a little. I am excited about all that, but I've also got the blahs.

Its so cold in my office and even more cold outside. Its currently 21 degrees and its all overcast. Can we say "Ready for spring"?

My new work computer still hasn't shown up so I have to borrow someone else's computer every time I have work to do. The trouble is, business is slow and therefor so is the amount of work I have to. The break was nice at first, but now I'm just bored most of the day.

I basically want this work day to hurry up and be over already so my weekend can begin and my blahs go away. This weekend should be another good one. Jazz game tonight with the dad family and its Adam's birthday, he's 21 today. Traci and I are going to go hunting for a place to live tomorrow. I'm excited for that prospect. Sunday is a work meeting (early!) and later there is birthday stuff with the mom family.

So you can see why I'm ready for it to be 5pm!

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Kameron said...

I've had the blahs for a few weeks, too; the weather here in Utah County's no fun: gray and murky and cold. But in a few weeks things ought to get better. Hope the Jazz game was fun!