Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm not gonna lie, I think I have an obsession.

Ever since the first time I saw a commercial for the new show "Lost", I've loved it. I remember the chills I got watching the Losties as they heard Danielle's transmission and Charlie asking, "Guys, where are we?" At that commercial break, I ran up the stairs to tell my sister and her friend how much I loved that show. Basically, I've been a huge fan from day one.

During season one, I used to lurk on the message boards, not really participating, but still being fascinated with the theories that were concocted on those boards. I listened to the podcasts as they came out as well. Seasons 2, I just stuck to watching what was shown on tv, but toward the end of season 3, my obsession began. I started reading up things online again, created a lost group on and I now own the first 3 seasons on DVD. I now have some friends and family that watch the show with me so I can discuss the show with them.

The wait for season 4 to begin was agonizingly long. However, in that time I discovered I spent days reading information on that website. One thing that really interested me on there was The Lost Experience ARG. I had had no idea that such a thing had gone on, was sad that I missed out on it but was glad for the complete recap on Reading up on that led me to discover halfway through the second week of the game. This game took up those final weeks of waiting for season 4 to begin. During that game, I rediscovered which I had only been to a time or two before.

This is where my obsession really gets bad. I read up on lost almost every day. I'm constantly reading articles on lostpedia and I've subscribed to the RSS feed for darkufo's blog. After the new episode airs on thursdays, I'm on lostpedia right away, reading the episode recap and looking for screencaps. I really hope I don't discover more wonderful Lost sites because if I visit one more Lost website on a daily basis, I think this obsession will cross to the unhealthy side, if it hasn't already.

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