Monday, February 18, 2008

Not the only one, but the original.

I've never met another Adiel, have you?
I've met Adele's and Adelaide's, but no Adiel's.
Unless you count the internet. On I've had a few Adiel men write me. Go figure.

I always met people that said they wanted to name their baby girls after me when they had them. My high school Spanish teacher and art history/pottery/film studies teacher adopted two girls that they named kind of after me. They mixed my name with other names to come up with their two daughters names. I've never known anyone to flat out name their child after me though, that is until today.

I got a call from my mom today that changed this. While in St. George, standing in line for food, she thought she kept hearing people saying my name. Turns out she heard right. In line with them was a little girl named Adielle. My mom was shocked because she has "always had the only Adiel!" After talking to this woman, she found out that I danced with this girl when we were in junior high school.

The strange thing is that for some reason she remembered that I hated my name and that everyone called me Adi. Well I've never hated my name, I love my name! Its quite entertaining to see people struggle with it sometimes. Its really a simple name. Ad-yell or i'd even be satisfied with Ah-dee-el. Thats not what I get though. Today alone, I've been called Adele, Adeal, Ardell, and Adio. For that reason, when meeting new people, I usually just tell them to call me Adi to avoid the confusion.

I'd still love to have people name their girls Adiel though. I think that'd be so fun. If you know of anyone else, please let me know.

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