Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally, a fun Wendover experience.

In honor of Traci's upcoming 22nd birthday, we took a Trip to Wendover. Sean, Traci, Mike and I went along with Mike's parents, Traci's parents and aunt. We watched season 2 of The Office in Sean's car on the way down, what a great way to pass the time on the road.

After we check into the hotel, we went down to the casino to meet Traci's mom and aunt and were there for less than five minutes before I got ID-ed. We went over to the Nugget to meet up with Mike's parents where Traci and I promptly got ID-ed again. I guess we looked like a couple of teenagers playing "Let's pretend to be adults." I don't love to gamble so I didn't take much money down to play. Traci loves the penny slots so I played with her and ended up losing nearly $20 on them. Lame.

Later we all hit up a blackjack table at the Nugget. The dealer was this guy named Jesus. I hated him. He was so pushy and rude. He kept saying stupid stuff such as, "You can't say no to Jesus." as a means to get us to play or bet more. Watch out for that guy if you're ever in Wendover. He's no good, I lost $20 at his table.

Dinner led to a new experience for me. At dinner, everyone except Traci and I were eating shrimp that you had to peel. It was so gross, they still had they're legs on! I don't eat seafood so this is something I've never come across before and it was something I really could've done without.

After dinner we wandered around for a while and ended up at the Rainbow casino. Sean, Mike, Traci and I were playing video poker for a while. After a bit, Sean left to find a restroom, the next thing I know some guy comes up, sits down and asks if that seat next to me was taken. I responded with, "I guess not." and prepared to ignore him. No such luck however. "Aren't you here with anybody?" the strange guy asked me. At this point I knew where this was going and got ready to drop the boyfriend word. I gestured to Mike and Traci who were to his right and said, "I'm here with my boyfriend and our friends." He turned to Mike and started talking to him at which point I stopped keeping up with the exchange due to the fact that we were sitting right in front of the live band. Next time I glanced over, the seat was once again empty. Later Mike told me that he introduced himself as "Tip" and announced that he was "kinda drunk." Too funny.

Next we squeezed our way into a nearly packed blackjack table. There were three men at this table that the dealer seemed to know by name. Turns out they're there a lot, but none of them knew each other. There was one guy that kept running to the ATM and coming back with $100 bills only to lose the entire $100 on one hand. He did this over and over. I kept begging him not to bet it all on one hand because it was killing me to see him throw all that money away. I have no idea how much ended up losing that night, but I'll bet it was more than I make in a month. Sean and I sat at that table for probably 3 hours, both of us slowing winning. I ended up winning back everything I had lost that day. It was great!

It was nice to finally spend a night in Wendover and actually have a good time with good company.


Kristina said...

Shrimp are great (even if you have to peel them yourself)! You're missing out.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

The only time I had shrimp, it made me throw up so I don't eat them anymore. haha