Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its here!

Its here, its finally here!
Based off the vote from my friends on Kaboodle, I finally picked out a purse and bought it.

When picking out purses to purchase, The main thing I had in mind was to go a touch bigger so that my camera would fit better in with all of my stuff. Based on that, I came up with 6 choices which I mentioned in this post. The "Help Me Choose" function helped my indecisive self purchase a purse nicely.

It arrived at my office yesterday afternoon. I knew right away I was in trouble, the box the UPS guy brought in was huge! I dropped what I was doing and opened it right up.

I knew it was gonna be big, after all thats what I was looking for, but this was much more than expected. I had read the dimensions so I thought I was prepared, but I underestimated big time. It definitely has room for my camera! Its a bottomless pit!

Its huge but I'm sure I'll quickly get used to it!

1 comment:

Jer and Jules said...

You could probably fit yourself in that bag- it is huge! I guess you can never be unprepared now, you have room for anything and everything you could need! It is cute though.