Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ji Yeon - My thoughts

Okay I kept a log of my thoughts and reactions while I watched Lost tonight. If you haven't watched it, don't read this, THERE ARE SPOILERS!!

My reactions:
Why was Regina's book upside down?
Yay! To Sun being off the island.
I love Daniel. haha
Something crazy must happen that gets these 6 particular people off the island.
What is up with the panda? Sheesh! Angry Jin!
Why would Juliet drop that bomb on Jin? Rude!
Nice slap Sun!
The doctor guy is weird and kinda creepy.
Why did Regina commit suicide?
What the crap does Ben have to do with everything the captain said?
Having all these questions "answered" is making me feel like the answers aren't truthful.
We all knew it was coming and now its finally confirmed, Michael is on the boat.
Aw, Jin is so cute!
Only been married two months, huh? hmmm....
Dead, alive, dead, alive? Was Jin a flashback or flashforward?
...and my classic Lost thought, "Okay, wait, now I'm confused."

Your thoughts?

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