Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My ANTM thoughts

These girls are vicious!
Oh Lauren! Who knew she could talk that much, right?
Why do they have to scream every time they see Tyra?
Really? Do they need to wear those terrible outfits?
Poor Lauren. I love her awkwardness...
I so guessed it was Nigel.
How great for Anya.
I didn't know there was a Mormon on ANTM! I wonder if she is the first?
Those three are kinda being catty, but I still love them.
I love that Lauren can't walk in heels. SO funny!
What a challenge for Claire. Unfortunately I don't think she pulled it off fully.
Lauren seemed less shy at panel, but not strong enough.
Fatima is so fake!
Wow, Claire's face when Dominique's name got called was so funny!
Aimee had to know Claire wasn't going home. Claire was weak this week, but she's to strong not to make it to the finals. Poor Aimee

I still love
and Katarzyna.

...and then there were 8.

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Kristina said...

I cannot stand Dominique AT ALL.