Monday, March 24, 2008

Tagged - 50 things about me

Julie tagged me with this one.

100 Things that make me fabulous :)
1) I lived in the same house throughout all my years in school.
2) I don't like to wear socks and avoid it when possible.
3) I have never been out of the country. Not even to Canada or Mexico.
4) I would like to skydive someday.
5) I love reading, but don't do it often enough.
6) I would love to be a photographer.
7) I love vegetables.
8) I love to sing at the top of my lungs, but I'm a terrible singer.
9) I want to learn to drive a motorcycle.
10) I either have to read or watch a movie/tv to fall asleep most nights.
11) I've been told I talk in my sleep and I've even woke myself a few times.
12) I know I move a lot in my sleep due to the way my hair looks when I wake up.
13) I've thought about going to hair school because I love to make people up, but I've never gone through with it because I'm not sure I'd love it to be my job.
14) I've always been fascinated with the thought of being an architect.
15) I've had a lot of stitches on my head: in between my eyebrows, on my right eyebrow and in the back of my head. All have great stories...
16) Sean and I are standing next to each other in our 5th grade class picture.
17) I was in the Young Astronauts club in elementary school and used to say I was going to be the first woman on Mars.
18) I love a reason to get fully dressed up.
19) I am not a morning person.
20) My favorite part of dancing is the performances.
21) Poetry is extremely boring to me and I'm not sure why.
22) I'm terrible at picking out jewelry.
23) I once won a Jello eating contest.
24) I hate that my mom lives so far from me now and I miss living with her.
25) I love cats, but I'm allergic to them.
26) I used to HATE dogs, but they are growing on me.
27) I can read books and watch movies over and over and never get sick of them.
28) I adore holidays and love to go all out when celebrating them.
29) Learning the history of things and places is fascinating to me.
30) I knew nothing about insulation before working at this insulation company.
31) I have really bad motion sickness, even ski lifts get to me.
32) I love to eat lemons.
33) I can and have played N64 with my feet.
34) I love music and I'm constantly trying to find new stuff to listen to.
35) I am a complete internet nerd. I'm on it all the time and always finding new stuff to do on it.
36) I can't pick a political party because I see both sides of most issues.
37) I love any excuse to be out in the sun during the spring and summertime.
38) I hate driving.
39) I love being surprised. I wish people would do it more.
40) I hate taking showers and I take them as quickly as possible so they can be done with.
41) I value honest in every relationship I have. I've lost a few relationships due to lack of trust.
42) I am terrible at folding clothes.
43) I am a blue.
44) I shop a lot. Probably too much. Its a good mood brightener for me.
45) I enjoy food and love eating out.
46) I LOVE the tv show LOST. I spend time reading up on it on the internet too.
47) I like to have my picture taken.
48) I like to get piercings but I have pretty much run out of places to pierce because I don't like facial piercings and I don't want loads of metal in my ears.
49) I only like to go camping if I can bathe myself somehow on a daily basis.
50) I love to go wakeboarding.

I shortened this to 50 things because 100 is just too much about me to hold anyone's attention.

I tag Steph, Kristina, and Wendy. I'd tag more people, but pretty much no one I tagged did the last thing I tagged them for.


Jewls said...

I could read 50 more things! Thanks for doing my tag, no one usually does mine either!!

Kristina said...

50 things is just too much to write about myself haha.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Yeah, I said that about 100...