Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ah, celebrity look-a-likes...

Today at my office, one of my coworkers stops by my desk.
He proceeds to tell me that he's finally figured out who I look like.
I'm thinking this ought to be good so I tell him lets hear it.

Any guesses?


Mariah Carey. Yep.
He said while watching American Idol last night, it dawned on him.
The only other time I've ever been told that I've looked like Mariah Carey was when I was shopping in downtown SLC. A drunk guy stumbled over to me to ask for my autograph because he swore I was Mariah Carey.

Its funny because I usually get told I look like Jessica Alba. Yeah, don't I wish?
If you ask my heritage, they always tell me that I look like Raven Symone.

What do you think?


Kristina said...

I see Mariah in the smile & cheekbones.

Jewls said...

Hmmm...I kinda see it! I was told I look like Sarah Jessica Parker and I am still trying to figure that one out. I think more Jessica Alba for you...