Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Product Review - Backless Bra

Last Friday, I ordered Maidenform's New Backless Bra. On the website, it said it was available for preorder, but when I went to order it, the black was available, the nude color was on backorder. I decided to just order the nude color and wait. Well, not even an hour later, I got an email telling me my order had shipped. Shocked, but pleased, I started tracking it on DHL's website. It arrived yesterday so I got to try it out last night.

First impression, I'm not a fan.

The part of the bra where the wire is has a rubber lining I suppose to help it stay in place. I thought that was great so I adjusted the straps and put it on. Once its in place, it looks great, you think its gonna work. However, the minute I started moving, it started moving out of place. I put my keyhole shirt on thinking it might help the bra to stay in place. Yeah, not so much. I have bad posture so the minute my shoulders relax and roll forward, the cups are no longer where they should be.

Another issue I had is the straps sit on the outer edge of your shoulder so they were hanging out of my tank top. This is something I find to be really tacky.

I'm gonna give it another try, however I'm not confident that this is something I could wear out in public yet. If anyone figures out how to keep the cups in place or keep the straps hidden, let me know. I really wanted this bra to work.

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Lady Apple said...

oh! that is too bad!! it looks like a great idea.

Unknown said...

Maybe some sock glue would work?