Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So the truth comes out

I've found it interesting how many times I've heard the following phrase over the last few days:
"I never liked him anyway."
"I could never understand what you saw in him."
"I always thought you could do so much better."

Its funny because I always thought everyone liked him. Guess not.

I hope next time, I find I guy that people don't feel this way about.
If they do, I hope they can be up front and tell me.


Anonymous said...

I think people say things like that to make u feel like its not such a bad loss.
but recent actions of sean would defantly change peoples likeness to him. and would change the way they think of him.

Random Grrrl said...

Its those kind of comments that send me into worry mode. I think to myself..if they think I could do better, or they don't know what I see in him, then what am i NOT seeing? Can I do better? Am I selling myself short? But I agree, it is funny to see how "the truth comes out".

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Truth be told, comments like that bug me. I love him for a long time, I know what I saw in him and I know that he had the qualities that I wanted. So yeah, makes me question my intuition.