Friday, April 4, 2008

Too many emotions

Just got a text from one of my longest friends that its time, her baby is on the way. There really aren't the words to explain what I'm feeling right now and I'm not sure if the feelings are good or bad even. I just know that I've known this girl since we were fresh faced five-year-olds on the kindergarten playground. We've done everything together. We've taken trips, I was right outside when she got her first kiss, we secretly three way called each other's boyfriends, we went to prom together with our dates, we cheered together, we took our driver's tests together, our birthdays are 11 days apart. I've got so many memories with her, a lifetime of friendship, some days we're closer than others. I'm super nervous and excited for her to be starting this chapter in her life. I just wanted to wish her luck and congratulations! Can't wait to see him!

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The Hawaiian Howells said...

oh cute i know who you are talking about i saw him he is way cute. I wish her luck too.