Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend recap.

Friday night, Sean and I spent the whole night talking. It was actually rather nice!

Saturday I took advantage of having no plans and relaxed to the fullest. Later, Traci and I went to dinner, then to the awards ceremony for the competition that the dance classes she teaches competed in. Her team got a Superior so congrats to Traci and her team! Later a whole bunch of us went "camping" in the desert. I say "camping" because it was too cold to stay over night. Basically we just hung out around the fire for a few hours.

[Mike, Traci and Skyler]

[looks like they finally found a use for last year's christmas tree!]

[Traci and I]

[Ally and I]

[Sean and I]

Sunday was another mellow and relaxing day. After dinner at Sean's house, Traci, Mike, Sean and I went to see 21. That was quite an entertaining movie. I really liked it.

So a pretty mellow weekend for me, but it sure was nice to relax!

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