Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend recap.

What a weekend. My entire life changed.

Friday I got to do a friend's hair and makeup for her. Thats always kind of fun. Then I went shopping with Suzi, thats always a fun time. Then I went home and got my heart and life ripped to shreds but Sean's evil twin. Traci came home and brought me some Gatorade which I thought was brilliant.

I couldn't sleep very well so I woke up bright and early on saturday. I talked to my mom for a bit. Once I managed to get out of bed and shower, I went to my dad's. I talked to my stepmom for a while, and that helped me out a bit. Then I became overcome with exhaustion and went to take a nap for a bit. After I woke up, I went to Happy Sumo and then shopping with Suzi. She is such an absolute doll. What a great friend. Later I went to a late dinner with my siblings, Amy and Jacquie. That turned out to be a nice distraction. Then after finding out Sean is an even bigger jerk than I ever could've possibly imagined, I went home and took a sleeping pill then passed out.

The sleeping pill turned out to be bad news because it made me sleep through my alarm and miss my work meeting at panty heaven/hell. I watched a trashy movie about breakup that made me feel better for a bit. Then after chatting with Traci for a bit, I sat down and watched the ANTM marathon on MTV. I had seen that cycle way too many times so I ended up falling asleep some more. After that, I went to my dad's for Randall's birthday dinner. There were so many people there, yet I managed to fall asleep once again. Crying that much sure takes a lot out of you. Dinner with the fam was nice. After that, I went home and watched Juno with Traci.

That was my crazy, life-changing, eventful weekend.
Hope you enjoyed my recap of it.

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KatBouska said...

I just found your blog via Dooce and it sounds like your weekend was about as eventful as mine! ;)