Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend recap.

Another weekend has come and gone. As usual, I can't help wondering how I spent my time because the weekend just flies by. Thats what my weekend recaps are for, a chance to reflect.

Friday I went out with some people I don't normally hang out with, Nicole, the guy she's dating and their friends. We went out to Rodizio for dinner. Now, I'm not a huge fan of eating most meat. I'm not a vegetarian, I'm just a picky eater. My first experience with Rodizio wasn't great so I wasn't thrilled that thats where we were going to eat. However, this time was much better, no pink chicken!

After playing Wii at Chaz's house, we went to the Sky Bar because it was one of their friend's last night working there. Chaz caught me in the eye with corner of a menu and now there is a cut on my eyelid! The best part was the token old-guy-loner that was asking everyone to dance. He even offered $5 for a dance! We all had a good time dancing, despite the fact that I wore the absolute wrong shoes for dancing. My feet were dying by the end of the night, but Phil was a good sport and gave me a piggy back. So Friday was a pretty fun night.

Saturday, my friend Rosa and I went downtown to mess around with her new camera. Her camera is awesome, I totally want one. We had a fun little photoshoot and got some pretty good photos out of it. Here are a few pictures from the shoot. See the rest here.

After the photoshoot, I went to my dad's to catch up on some TV on DVR. I'm not going to lie, I love watching TV. Between three jobs and personal stuff, I don't have a lot of time for it these days. So on the weekends when Lisa's kids are away with their dad, I have to go spend a few hours watching all of my shows. I finally got to watch The Office, ANTM, Lost and Ghosthunters. For some blasted reason, the DVR didn't get One Tree Hill or Grey's Anatomy. Sad, but I have little time to dwell on it. Back home, Traci and I had a little mini girls night with some good snacks and watched a movie.

Sunday, Traci and I had a little shopping adventure. First we went to get pedicures, thats always a relaxing time. Then we visited two malls and shopped the day away. I got a lot of fun stuff for the spring and summer. I'm so thrilled that the weather is warming up so that I can start wearing it. I tried to add most of it to Kaboodle, so feel free to check out my list of things that I have. Also, I was incapable of deciding on sandals to buy, so help me choose by voting here.

My weekend definitely went by too fast, can't wait for the next!


Jer and Jules said...

For the T.V. shows you miss, you can watch them online on the network website. Like I "missed Samantha Who?" last week because one show was recording and Jer was watching a basketball game, so I went to the abc website and watched the episode. Googling works too to get you directly to where you can watch online. Just thought I'd share.
3 jobs? Really, I thought you only had 2 (*only*-I can only handle 1).
By the way, your pics are great, you look gorgeous.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Yeah, I've tried that. The streaming is usually terrible, at least on my internet connection or computer.

Random Grrrl said...

Oh I wish I had a "stuff I have" list. All my stuff is old and worn and I have no idea where I got it. Time for a wardrobe overhaul for sure! Yea for your new threads!