Friday, May 30, 2008

Future me

Today I got an email from past me. How?

The message I sent myself is kind of just what I needed. I debated whether or not to share the message because its relatively personal, but I'm going to go ahead and share it.

Dear FutureMe,
Remember the important things in life. Remember how well Sean treats you. Remember your family is there for you. I'm getting a piercing this saturday. Hope it has healed well for you. Hope you've lost weight. I weigh 138 right now. You had better weigh less. You're getting out of your awful apartment soon! Be happy about that. You are loved!

Response from Present Me:
Sean is no longer my boyfriend, but he did treat me well so its good to remember that time of my life. My family is great and I do remember that. I'm not sure which piercing I was referring to, but they're all pretty well healed. Present me does weigh less. Yay! I got out of my awful apartment/living situation since then and life has been immensely better. Yes, I am loved!

I've long since forgot about this message so it was a great surprise to get it. I'm gonna go ahead and recommend everyone take a minute and send a message to their future self.
I'm sure going to do another!

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Unknown said...

Such a cool idea!