Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its that time again.

The seasons are changing and so is my wardrobe. I've got loads of great spring/summer attire that I've slowly been incorporating into the outfit rotation.

There is one road block for me however.
Its that time.
The time when the men at the office take over the A/C.
It might as well be winter still for the temperatures that I'm enduring in the office. My fingers are freezing, my toes are little popsicles in my sandals, my legs and arms are covered in goosebumps.

What to do, what to do?
Sacrifice my comfort for fashion?

I suppose so...
After all, is that what most women do when it comes to things like shoes?

1 comment:

Jewls said...

I can totally relate to this!! I remember office jobs in the past where I would have a space heater on because it was too "hot" for the men in the office! It's ridiculous because you where your coat to work and when you walk outside everyone thinks you are crazy!!