Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lake Powell, Here I come!

Well, I'm off for a little vacation. The dad-fam and I are going to Lake Powell for a little wakeboarding, boating, tubing, swimming adventure.

I'm a camera whore and I can guarantee there will be at a minimum 4-6 different cameras, not including camera phones, so be prepared for picture not overload. Just kidding, I'll keep it reasonable.

If I get downtime, I'll be updating my twitter, so make sure you're following me!

Hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend!


Nothing said...

Omg, my sister wants to go there sooo bad. That is going to be an awesome vaca! Be sure to tell us all about it!!

Marrdy said...

Come back...I miss you and I HATE this payroll program. (Hope I don't do this wrong) But don't you worry..go and have fun! ;)

KatBouska said...

Oh man! I want to come!!