Friday, May 2, 2008

My new love. ♥

I found a new love yesterday.
Some of you may have already had a long-term relationship or quick fling with my new love.
I've been tempted for a long time and I was slow in coming around, but yesterday I caved.

I ♥

I hadn't thought of shopping on till I joined Kaboodle. For over a year, I've had items from Sephora creeping onto my wishlist and other lists. I can't really say why I never actually purchased anything until now, but I hadn't.

Yesterday I went a little crazy and bought a whole bunch of stuff off my wishlist.



Eyebrow Trimmer/Brush

Fiberwig Mascara

Now I'm going crazy waiting for the stuff to get here. Shopping online kind of stinks in that aspect.

I love that Sephora offers free shipping, free gift wrap, free returns and free samples on every order. Thats a lot of free! I would definitely recommend this site based on my initial shopping experience.

Can't wait to get the product and share my thoughts on it all.

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Unknown said...

Sephora is great in person, too! I have found their staff to be more helpful than, say, Ulta.

Let me know what you think of the eyebrow trimmer. I love that thing so much!