Monday, May 12, 2008

Product Review - My Sephora Order

I finally got my order last friday. I had a chance to try the stuff out over the weekend.
That big box for this small product...

I love the Smashbox products, O-glow and O-gloss. The color is a prefect, natural color for spring and summer.

The Fiberwig Mascara is outstanding. It was definitely worth the splurge, my lashes looked fantastic. One delightful discovery about the mascara is the way it comes off. Instead of blackening the area around the eye, it comes off in clumps.

The eyebrow trimmer brush is a great invention. Now I can have perfectly groomed brows without leaving it up to the hand of other people.

I will most likely purchase these products again and I would definitely recommend all four of them.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I think I'm going to try that mascara at some point! (My Google is killing me with the not working, so I used my lj ID instead.)

Nicole Linette said...

Those Smashbox products are cool. And oh, mascara! How I adore mascara -- when it works. I have this obsession with perfect eyebrows so that trimmer appearing quite innovative.