Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend recap.

Friday I decided I couldn't watch the Jazz game. Too much stress. Glad I didn't because it sounds like it was a heartbreaker. *tear*
Instead, I went out and about with a friend.
Here are a few pictures of me on friday night.

Yeah, I'm hot

A more normal face...

I'm sporting the O-gloss and O-glow here...
Can you tell? What do ya think?

Saturday, Steph and I went shopping in preparation for Lake Powell. Later we met up with Suzi and Aline to get pedicures.

After pedicures, Suzi, Aline and I went shopping. I got a pair of denim shorts from Express, let me tell you these are the first pair I've purchased since I was probably 16. Suzi had her daughter there and I ended up holding her a lot. All I have to say is you people with kids must have buff arms. She's pretty much 25 lbs of dead weight when asleep!

Saturday night I got dinner and watched a movie with a friend. Cafe Rio is now open till 11 on the weekends. I'll bet you didn't know that, because when we went there after ten, no one was there! We were the only ones.

Sunday morning I had a craving for IHOP, random, I know. So we went out to "breakfast" at 1pm. I'm a sucker for their stuffed french toast. Yum!

Traci and her family got back from Hawaii Sunday morning so I got to catch up with all of them. I'm no longer all alone in that big house and now the dogs can have more attention, because lets face it, I don't give them what they need. Traci brought me back a cute little pineapple keychain, it was very nice of her. It was also nice to have someone to go for a run with that night.

Also, just in case you were wondering, I challenged "Bob" to buy some new shoes this weekend. He did not. I guess he needs some more encouragement.


Jewls said...

You're so gorgeous Adiel! I love your pedicure...I need to go do that with the girls because let's just face it, that's totally not a husband-friendly activity! ;)

Kristina said...

You look so pretty! Especially in that picture with your hood up! It makes me want to buy those products haha.