Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why do people choose to look like garbage?

Last night at panty heaven an interesting client came in.

She(?) was tall and thin in a non-attractive way and her breasts were very obviously overly-enhanced. She had the long claw-like nails that could surely scratch your face off, of course they were a deep, deep purple. The clothes were very worn, its a wonder they weren't just falling apart as she walked.

Her hair was a mess of what I can only assume to be hair extensions that she glued in herself. The seems were haphazardly placed all over her head and were poorly taken care of. They were pretty much dredlocks at this point.

Then there was the smell, oh the smell! She smells the way that I imagine Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears smell. Surely this woman can afford to take better care of herself, she had bags from many stores and was purchasing at least a couple hundred dollars worth of merchandise from panty heaven.

So my question is why do people choose to smell this way? To look this way?
I'm not saying everyone has to be a fashion icon, but at least have a little self-respect.
At the very least, I'm sure a shower or some deodorant wouldn't be too much to ask...

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karla deras said...

hahha! you're amazing! i couldn't agree more. my mother says I judge/criticize others too much, and I'm like " I'm not asking anyone to be a freakin style icon. Just brush your hair and avoid ugly extensions" :)