Friday, June 6, 2008

Reasons not to have children

I know a woman who has a son that is my age, 22. That is where the things we have in common end. He won't hold a steady job. Its not that he couldn't, its that he won't. The fact that he won't hold a steady job leads him to not have a steady income.

Q: How can you pay all the bills that a 22-year-old accrues without a steady income?
A: You can't.

Well, this woman that I know, she is constantly having to bail her son out of money trouble. Anytime he can't make his car payment, phone payment, he needs new tires, needs to buy gas, etc. guess who pays for it? Mama does.

It doesn't matter that Mama might not have enough money to pay her own bills if she helps out her son, she'll still give him her debit card and he'll be on his merry way, lesson not learned.

Reason #2 not to have children:
They may someday turn in to money sucking adults that can't fend for themselves.


Lump said...

Mama is an enabler. If she keeps bailing him out then he will keep doing what he does. Go for tough love! ha.

I'm so glad I don't have any kids.

Kristina said...

That is mama's fault. I had an old manager like that. He paid all this daughter's bills. But would complain that she couldn't manage her money. He didn't like it when I said it was his fault.