Friday, June 6, 2008

Song of the day - Paperweight

Haven't done song of the day in a while, thought I'd do one today.

If you've ever seen The Last Kiss, you've probably heard the song Paperweight before. Performed by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk, Paperweight is on my list of all time favorite songs. Its a really sweet song that I hope everyone can relate to at least once in their life. Schuyler and Joshua are a couple, which is quite obvious in a sweet way when you see them perform live, which I did a little over a year ago. I was too shy about getting pictures with them, but here are pictures I took of my friend Jon with Joshua and then Schuyler.
[What a couple of down to earth people]

Paperweight - Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk
Been up all night staring at you
Wondering what's on your mind
I've been this way with so many before
But this feels like the first time
You want the sunrise to go back to bed
I want to make you laugh
Mess up my bed with me
Kick off the covers I'm waiting
Every word you say I think
I should write down
Don't want to forget come daylight
Happy to lay here
Just happy to be here
I'm happy to know you
Play me a song
Your newest one
Please leave your taste on my tongue
Paperweight on my back
Cover me like a blanket
Mess up my bed with me
Kick off the covers I'm waiting
Every word you say i think
I should write down
Don't want to forget come daylight
And no need to worry
That's wastin' time
And no need to wonder
What's been on my mind
It's you
It's you
It's you
Every word you say I think
I should write down
Don't want to forget come daylight
And I give up
I let you win
You win cause I'm not counting
You made it back
To sleep again
Wonder what you're dreaming

Paperweight - Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin


Kristina said...

I really liked that!

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Good, I'm glad! :)


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