Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things that made my day.

Its Tuesday people. Look out!

-Goofing around with Wendy at practice. That woman sure can cheer me up!

-Wendy reminding me of when she met my sister at my 7th grade birthday party. I guess my sister was acting like a cat so Wendy went home and told her sister that I had a had a sister the same age, but that she acted like a cat. Good times.

-Rick was trying to ask Marrdy a question, but she wasn't listening so Rick told me to turn on the speaker phone and buzz her line so that she would listen. It worked.

-Getting my new skirt/dress/shirt. Now I just need to decide which way to wear it first!

-My new gray jeans!

-Getting called skinny minnie. I'm pretty sure that I've never been called that in my life.

1 comment:

Marrdy said...

Rick mumbles! But he is fun to have around.