Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend recap.

Another weekend, come and gone!

Friday after work, I had to go find a dress to wear to Steph's wedding. I headed for the Gateway and started out at Forever 21. I actually ended up finding a lot of stuff to try on there. I narrowed it down to two dresses (this or that with this belt). I decided on the black dress with the belt, but as I was standing in line, I found another black dress that looked cute. I decided to buy it without trying it on. I left with the two dresses, the belt, a clutch and and a vest.

Next, I went to Urban Outfitters in search of a certain dress. I couldn't seem to find it, but I did walk past a pair of Lux Cigarette Leg gray jeans. I've been wanting to buy a pair for a while now, so I tried them on and ended up getting them. I thought that they were a pair that was on my wishlist, but turns out the pair that I bought aren't available online. I had a hard time deciding on whether or not I should keep them because there was another pair on my wishlist that I really wanted. Just barely today I decided that I will keep them.

After shopping, I met up with Phil. We went out to dinner at The Dodo and then we went to see You Don't Mess With The Zohan. Oh. My. Lame. Honestly, I laughed a little, but most of the time I was shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Really, I could've gone the rest of my life without seeing Adam Sandler thrusting his stuffed crotch that much. It was also way too long. Two hours is pretty long for a comedy, I kept thinking, "Man this is a long movie!" So, yeah, I'd recommend skipping this one.

Saturday, I had to go to the cheer girls' car wash. The weather was alright. It was one of those days that it was warm in the sun, but cold in the shade. Whenever the clouds were covering the sun, it was so cold. I felt bad for the girls because they had to get wet and wash cars. I just sat huddled in my blanket most of the time. They did well though, it was nice to see so many people come out and support them.

That night I went to Steph's wedding reception. It was fun to see people that I don't see on a regular basis and get a chance to chat. The colors were black and red, Steph had picked out these super cute black dresses with white polka dots. They all wore red jewelry and shoes, it was so cute! I didn't have my camera so when I steal pictures from Nicole, I'll post them up for everyone to see.

Sunday, I finally got caught up with the rest of Season 4 of The Office. The finale was awesome. There were a ton of OMG moments, I can't wait for the next season now! Sean and I went for brunch and then we browsed around Cabela's. I found out that they have their own restaurant there, which I found mildly strange. Later, we went to see Iron Man, which I ended up really liking.


Unknown said...

I'm totally returning the UO dress. It looks like ass on me. The back doesn't sit nicely like it does in the photos. It's a bummer since the criss-cross thing is so nice, but it really looks bad on (me, at least).

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Thats too bad! It looked so nice on Rubyslippers!