Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Recap

Weekend recap time!

Friday after work, Nicole and I hit up the mall before meeting up with Chaz and Phillip. I had to return a dress and ended up leaving with two clutches and another dress. After the mall, Nicole and I met up with the guys and went to dinner at Famous Dave's.

After dinner, we played Mario Kart on Wii for a bit. Let me just tell you, every time I play Wii, I want one more and more. Then we walked to Gateway to watch a movie. I was wearing my new-ish gladiator sandals and let me tell you, it was not fun to walk those few blocks it took to get there. Phil ended up having to carry me part of the way, what a good sport.

Saturday, I was supposed to go boating, but being irrational in my half-awake and overly tired state, I for some reason decided not to go. When I finally woke up in the late morning I regretted that decision. Craving some sun, I decided to go out to pool by myself. I ended having a really relaxing few hours laying out in the sun reading. The only down side was that I forgot my iPod and ended up having to listen to the pool's music.

Driving home after the pool, I decided that I needed a pedicure so I stopped at this place called V-J Nails & Spa. This lady named Ann gave me the best pedicure that I've ever received. It was so amazing that I want to start going to that place to get my nails done as well.

That night Sean and I went to our favorite dining spot, Joy Luck. The service and the food was great, as usual! Following dinner, we went to see The Happening because we're pretty big fans of Mark Wahlberg. Lets just say I was less than impressed. I'll be real honest though, I did get scared quite a bit. I'm just not a fan of all the gore and the ending. I'll leave it at that for people that haven't seen it and still want to.

Sunday, Adam, Steph and I had to do our last minute Father's Day gift shopping. We spent some time walking around the mall and I ate a yummy chocolate dipped strawberry from Godiva. We wrapped my dad's gifts with cutouts from a golf magazine. I got a picture of it that I'll have to upload when I get my camera back, I left it at my dad's.

Dinner was delicious, everyone brought something so there was loads of food. I'm pretty sure I ate my weight's worth of food. Lisa's parents, brother and his wife came over for dinner and after we all played Apples to Apples. It was a pretty loud game, but lots of fun. I went home and went to bed by 9pm and I still felt full!

All in all, a great weekend. How about you?

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