Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July 3-Day-Weekend Recap

My lovely three-day-weekend started out Friday morning with me going to the pool with Steph and Amy. We had a good time, laying out, chatting, eating junk food and cheering for the cute and not cute divers. Steph and Amy left after a couple of hours, but I stayed behind to spend some time reading. After the pool, Sean and I headed over to the Lewin's barbeque to meet up with everyone. Shortly after, we all took off to Sugarhouse for an awesome fireworks show.

[Steph can't wait for the fireworks!]

[Sean and I lounging around, waiting for the show.]

[Steph and I]

[A taste of the fireworks show]

["Moo," said Sean as the 50,000 estimated people headed back to their cars]

I had a really delicious tiger's blood Snowie and did some people watching while we waited. Once the fireworks started, we discovered our spot was not such a good pick as the fireworks were behind a tree. We had to scramble for a new place to watch. I ended up getting real itchy from the grass and got a mosquito bite on my earlobe! Despite the road closures all over Sugarhouse, we were able to make it to the freeway in 20 minutes time. I was super glad that we decided to go there for fireworks.

Saturday, Sean and I hung out all morning, goofed off and wasted the morning away. After he left, I read my book some more and did some highly overdue cleaning of my bedroom. Later, Sean and I went to our favorite, Joy Luck for some dinner and went to see Hancock. Most people that I've talked to say that they thought that movie was just alright, but I really liked it. I guess I'm easy to please.

Sunday, I decided to laze around a bit more and read all morning. I finally finished my book! After that, I spent a fantastically relaxing day around the house.

That about sums it up!
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Pj.steph said...

Oh man, I'm starting to look frickin pudgy!

Adiel said...

Steph, isn't that what happens when you get pregnant? At least you have an excuse. Mine is just plain laziness!
P.S. I hope you know that the only reason I put that terrible picture of me up is because you look so cute in it.

That Girl said...

I was at Sugarhouse too!!!!
My sorry excuse for a firework picture is what I could take of that fabulous show.

I fixed my post. It totally posted without me finishing, whooops!


alicatstrut said...

This looks like such fun. I didn't see a single firework all weekend! (I heard plenty, though.)

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what fun pictures! i absolutely love the 4th of july...what's better than great food, nice weather and fireworks???