Monday, July 14, 2008

Introducing.... Steve!

I have a lot of awesome co-workers.
I've introduced you to Marrdy.
I've introduced you to "Bob."
I've talked about Tonya and her Tonyaisms.

Today I will introduce you to "Steve".
We all love Steve around here because of all of his little quirks.

Here we have Steve's wallet. Steve just got done cleaning out his wallet. Look at how nice and tidy it is.

Steve has a habit of walking away with other peoples' pens when he borrows them. To try to stop this, he's developed an interesting habit in carrying pens around with him.

I hope you all get as big of a kick out of Steve as I do.


WheresMyAngels said...

No that is my Child Husband's wallet!! lol

But now the watch thing with the pens, Hmmmmm, not my child Husband's thing!! lol

Anonymous said...

ha! My hubby recently tried to smuggle his chapstick into surgery much the same way!

Congrats on your SITS day!

Anonymous said...

That is way too funny! I miss being there soooo much. Thanks for the laugh and tell "Steve" his wallet looks great!

Tell everyone hi and I miss you all!

Marrdy said...

Steve is indeed an interesting guy! I still think he is too intelligent for his own good.

Apple Joos said...

The picture of Steve's wallet makes me want to rub my forehead in disbelief. How do men SIT on those things? Doesn't it hurt their backs? Don't they get tired of leaning to one side all the time? Do they REALLY need receipts dating back to when Jesus bought his fifth pair of sandals? I mean, come on.

Just Lisa said...

Steve's going to get Scoliosis Of the spine pretty quick if he doesn't slim down his wallet a bit!

Congrats on your SITS day!