Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend recap, and then some.

Life has been pretty hectic for me. I haven't really had a free moment to sit down in front of the computer lately.

Last week was cheer camp for the squad that I'm the assistant coach of. It was decided that a private camp would be best for our squad this year. That took a lot of planning on Wendy's part, I'm completely amazed at her ability to pull something like this together. It went extremely well I think, I don't have anything like it to compare it to. We had several people come in a do stunting, tumbling and dance workshops. All of them were so great! We made it past the few bumps that generally arise in any cheer squad at camp. We made it through an ankle injury. I got through all the bad hip-hop they had to dance to and I also choreographed for the first time in like four years. The girls learned so much and I'm super proud of them. Can't wait to see whats to come from them throughout the rest of the year. Also, all you parents out there, I had a tiny taste of knowing what its like to have a teenager. I had twelve of them! Crazy!
[Belting out "I Want You" by Savage Garden on Singstar]

[At the leadership workshop]

[Stunting, I miss doing it...]

[Learning a hip hop dance]

[The whole squad]

The weekend was pretty basic for me. Sean and I went out to dinner Friday night and ended up hanging out with Traci, Mike and Traci's family.

Saturday, I went to get my nails done and ended up getting a pedicure. I proceeded to mess it up as I got in the car to go to the pool. Leave it to me to do something lame like that. After the pool, Sean and I hung out. We watched Untraceable. Seriously, who thinks up this sick crap. Better question, why do I watch it? So gross!

Sunday, Sean and I went to The Original Pancake House. I love their food, so yummy. After that, I proceeded to read, fall asleep, and repeat. Three times. I guess I needed to catch up on some sleep considering I haven't been getting much lately. Once I finally got out of bed, Sean and I went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. Funny story, we ordered fried mozzarella for our appetizer. When they brought our appetizer out, I thought it was strange that it came in little rings. I ate a piece anyway. I thought the texture and the taste seemed very off, but I wasn't sure so I had another. As I'm chewing the second piece, the waitress walked by and realized that someone had brought fried CALAMARI to our table instead of cheese. It all made sense, I knew that I knew that taste and it brought my right back to Mrs. Grossaint's biology class where she made us taste the fried squid we had just dissected. The best part was the look on Sean's face when he realized what he was eating. It was beyond hilarious, it made my whole weekend!

I've been pretty backed up at work with all the time I took off for cheer camp, the new responsibilities I've been having to learn and month end. I've been pretty tired after work and not been able to find time to get on the computer. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to catch up with all my blogging friends and see what they've been up to in the last two weeks!


Unknown said...

How freaking adorable are they?!?

Wendy said...

LOL a million times over about the Calamari!!! I hadn't thought about our dissecting/dining experience for a very long time! Thanks for bringing that to my remembrance!