Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Freaked out big time"

Those of you that follow me on Twitter are probably wondering what happened to me on Monday night after seeing me tweet, "Freaked out big time right now, and I usually don't get worked up like this."

I feel that I owe you nice people that asked me if I was okay an explanation.

The people that I live with were out of town for the weekend so I was taking care of the two dogs. When no one is home, the dogs are not allowed to be in the house because the like to chew stuff up when no one is looking. So when I left to meet Sean on Monday, I put the dogs out in the backyard, locked the house up and took off.

Sean and I went to see Traitor that night. We had met there earlier that day so after the movie, I drove myself home. Upon getting home, I thought I could hear the dogs barking, but I just figured they were barking from the backyard. However, as soon as I unlocked the door, they came pushing they're noses through the open door.

Confused, I flipped on some lights to survey the scene. Everything seemed to be in place, but I could not figure out why the dogs would be in the house. Feeling strange, I sat down by the door and called Sean.

As soon as I explained the situation he responded with, "Get out of the house and lock yourself in your car."

Now, I'm not typically the type to overreact, get all panicky and scared of stuff like this. In fact, I'm a little too easy going and trusting. I don't know about you, but a response like that sends a bit of a panic through my mind and body.

I hurried my way out to my car and just couldn't get in and locked the doors fast enough. I felt like I was being chased! I could not shake the feeling that someone was going to come up to my window and scare the crap out of me, so I went and parked under a street lamp, all the time watching for someone to come out of the house.

As I'm sitting in my car, like a regular fool, waiting for Sean to show up, I did my usual think too much routine. I started thinking all kinds of "what ifs".
What if someone did break in to the house? 
What if they stole something?
What if they are still in there?
The more that I thought, the more that I began to panic. 
To distract my mind, I pulled out my Blackberry. I checked Facebook and Twitterberry. After reading my friends timeline on Twitterberry, that is when I sent that tweet that caused all the worry.

Finally Sean arrived. He brought his weapon of choice, a giant Maglite, and together we searched the house from top to bottom. Every little nook a cranny, under every bed, in every closet, behind every shower current, the entire place. We made sure every window and door was locked. 

Not a thing was out of place and the house appeared to be empty besides the dogs and us. After the search, there was no question that we were alone in the house. Logic calmed me, thankfully, and I was able to let my rescuer go home and get some sleep. 

I, however, did not get much sleep that night. I don't think I was able to relax enough to fall into a deep sleep.

I'm still not entirely sure how the dogs got in, but we're all safe!  No need to worry now!


Brandy A. Brown said...

What an interesting coincidence... I had a vivid nightmare of someone breaking in Monday night. I very, very rarely have these sorts of issues... I'm not too trusting, but I am realistic, and my place is safe. I had trouble sleeping the rest of the night, startling at every sound, and logic was useless to me that night. I'm glad to hear all was well!! I have a lock that occasionally doesn't catch (I now check it compulsively when I lock it) and allows the door to feel shut but be pushed open. Always food for thought...

Anonymous said...

That must have been awful! I am glad everything turned out okay

dalia said...

that gave me chills just reading about it! glad you're okay!

Lump said...

I would have completely freaked too. and no sleep at all! glad everything is ok!

Unknown said...

That is so freaking scary. It makes me want to check under my bed. Thank goodness there IS NO under my bed. I get very freaked out by violations of space. I'm glad it turned out everything was basically all right. Still, very weird about the dogs. It could be that you scared someone away at exactly the right time. Who knows?

Jenna Taylor said...

I had something really similar happen to me years back. My cat (an indoor kitty) was NEVER allowed outside. She wanted out though... BAD. So to open the door you actually had to stick your foot in and try and push her away.

I came home one night and there was Bitsy, sitting outside licking her paw looking quite pleased. I KNEW I didn't let her out, simply because it took contortionist type moves to get out of the house that morning.

When I went in, everything looked normal, I figured I must have been mistaken and accidentally let her out that AM. Then after being in the house for about 20 minutes I went down to the lower level living room and found that the back sliding glass door was broken and half open. I RAN out of the house (just like you, like someone was behind me with an ax) and called the police. They came and looked all through the house for me. They believe that someone broke in, made it to the second level, then I pulled into the driveway scaring them. Nothing was taken, so I tend to agree with their determination.

I got an alarm installed the next week.

Marrdy said...

Holy cow!! I am so glad I didn't know about this until now. I would have been freaking out and saying I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL (and be a little paranoid). Glad it all turned out ok and that Sean saved the day. I wouldn't have slept either!