Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend recap

Wow, life has just kind of gotten away from me lately. I don't even know how I spend my time sometimes.

...that must mean it's time for a weekend recap!

Last weekend was the second football game of the season. The school my cheer girls are from played the high school that Wendy went to and which her sister now coaches cheer at, so it was kind of an exciting game. My girls, flying high from a stellar performance at the school earlier that day, really made me proud out there cheering their team on.

My mom, stepdad and sister came out to support me at the game. I did not plan well for the afternoon plans. Wearing a body-con dress and high heeled mary-janes didn't exactly equal comfortable attire to be climbing bleachers in. As predicted, my mom eyed my hemline and declared it too short. Gotta love my mom. :)

Our team won the game with ease! The season is looking good!

Saturday, I felt the urge to make something so I went out to the fabric store and ended up with some stuff to make some skirts. I finished one skirt late Saturday night. I think I'll be wearing it later this week so watch for that.

Sunday, Sean and I went out for some sushi. I'm not really a fan of seafood in general, but I got brave and tried some of Sean's vegas roll and ended upo really liking it. I was surprised. I just may have to try out some more sushi sometime.

Monday, the cold, wet weather ruined our plans to go to Raging Waters. Instead, Sean and I did some shopping before heading over to his parents' house for a Labor Day barbeque. Most of Sean's siblings were there and we had a good time hanging out and preparing dinner. After dinner, we played several rounds of volleyball in the freakish 50-something degree weather. I was so unbelievably cold! I'd like to blame my poor volleyball skills on that, but I don't think anyone would believe that.

After volleyball, Sean and I went to see Traitor. I had never heard of it till Sean suggested it, but I really ended up liking it. You do have to be in the mood for a serious movie and Sean made that comment that it was slower-paced than he had expected. After I got home from the movie, my night got really wild, but that is a story for another time, so watch for that!

I really enjoyed my long holiday weekend. I'll have to make time to post more often this week because I have a lot to share! Hope you all had a great weekend whether you were celebrating Labor Day or not.


Unknown said...

Your family is so cute and your skirt's not that short!

Wendy said...

The pic of us four is totally my new desktop background :)

Marrdy said...

I am so excited to go to the game tomorrow night. Tell your girls that the "other" schools cheerleaders spent most of their time standing around. CHEER CHEER CHEER!!!